“So, what do y’all do?”

Old Pine Community Center is a small, non-profit community center invested in enriching lives through programming designed to make a positive impact on individual lives and, by extension, the whole community. We offer:

  • Homeless Program

    • Our homeless and low-income community outreach initiatives provide meals and essential resources like showers, clothing, toiletries, and Care Packages to anyone in need.
  •  Youth Program

    • The Center offers enriching, educational based school-age child care during the school year and summer.
  • Adult Education Program

    • By offering one-on-one or small group tutoring, adult learners are afforded the opportunity to make a positive impact on their careers and lives. Typical subjects include GED prep, the English language, and life skills.
  • Rental Program

    • We offer a place for community to gather and thrive. Whether it be a group meeting, business meeting, baby shower or birthday party, team practice, or repast, Old Pine Community Center welcomes all.

“What are your business hours?”

A tricky question to answer! Our hours vary each day depending on what programming is going on. However, someone is always available to help at the Front Desk:

  • M-F 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

“Does the Center accept (in-kind) donations?”

YES!!!! Our Homeless Program is fueled by on the generosity of our community. The following items end up directly in the hands of those who need them most:

  • Seasonal, gently worn clothing
  • non-perishable pantry items (no pork products, please)
  • Toiletries

“When can I bring donations in?”

Anytime we are open, which includes the weekends! However, if you’re interested in receiving a tax-deductible acknowledgment for your donation, we advise you to come:

  • M-F 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

“Can a few of us come by and use your courts?”

We’re not a rec center. Due to our own programming, our gym is not open to the public in the way that gyms at rec centers are.

“Does OPCC have an elevator?”

Unfortunately, no. The Center is accessible by wheelchair on the first floor, but our second floor is only accessible by a single flight of stairs. If you may need assistance visiting the Center, call us and we will accommodate as much as possible.

Our awesome programs are only possible with your generous help!

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