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Hotline Volunteering – Women Organized Against Rape

Crisis Hotline Volunteer

For a few hours a month, I volunteer my time on Philadelphia’s only rape crisis center’s hotline, Women Organized Against Rape, or WOAR. The mission of WOAR is to eliminate all forms of sexual violence through specialized treatment services, comprehensive prevention education programs, and advocacy for the rights of victims of sexual assault. As a WOAR volunteer, I help staff the 24/7 free hotline where survivors or anyone in need of sexual assault resources are free to call and seek help.

When I was in college in Philadelphia, WOAR had a display table at a sexual assault prevention event with a volunteer sign up sheet. I wanted to make a difference in my community as well as provide assistance to survivors of sexual assault. I filled out an application, went to the interview, and did the mandatory training. I’ve been working the hotline ever since.

This was an important cause for me to volunteer for. Sexual assault is a seriously under reported crime and still does not receive enough support. Hotline volunteers are a free resource for survivors to confide in and receive more resources from.  It can be terrifying because you never know who will be on the other end of the line and what they will share with you. It is important to listen to what they have to say and what assistance they are interested in. In the end, you are helping someone and you are making a difference.


If you are interested in volunteering for WOAR or learning more about the organization, check out their website at https://www.woar.org/.

Have you or someone you know been sexually assaulted or raped? Call WOAR’s hotline for help: 215-985-3333

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