Consumers Corner # 12

More statistics that can affect your
vote, web surfing, even your travel

By Jim Murphy

3 seconds

 Website loading time before 40 percent of customers say they will abandon your site, says Most participants in the survey will wait 6-10 seconds before leaving.



 Amount Nordstrom retailer saw online sales fall when its website response time slowed by just half a second, reports the BBC.



The number of votes that would have been voided by a Voter ID law in last November’s North Carolina election out of 4,769,640 votes cast, says the Charlotte Observer.

North Carolina’s Board of Elections undertook an extensive audit after years of widespread fraudulent voter claims by politicians in North Carolina. After reviewing the results, the Observer concluded … “it is heartening that an independent investigation finds the state’s elections are sound and virtually fraud-free.”


6 months

That’s how long your passport must be valid after you enter a country. And some airlines may not permit you to board if you don’t meet this requirement. So if you plan to travel internationally soon, check the expiration date on your passport.

Without at least six months left on your passport, you could suffer the same consequences as a sad passenger below who was unable to travel with his wife.

His comment was posted under the Department of State’s You Tube Video, “Vacation vs. Staycation: Can You Travel On Your Passport?”

“Why I am Not in Spain Right Now”

“I had the most unfortunate experience on Friday when I was at the airport getting ready to take our long awaited trip to Madrid. The ticket agent could not give me my boarding pass because my passport was going to expire in less than two months. It is very disheartening to have to kiss your wife goodbye as she flies off on your long awaited vacation.”

“Don’t let this happen to you if you travel internationally. Hopefully I can get this taken care of on Monday and be on my way. It looks like I will also lose my low fare so it could cost me an additional $600-1,000 for the new last minute ticket.”


4.3 stars

 Believe it or not, 4.3 stars is the average product rating we give online! That info comes from PowerReviews, courtesy of Geoffrey A. Fowler in the Wall Street Journal. PowerReviews handles ratings for over 1,000 online shops.

Now Netflix has announced it is going away from star ratings to just two options: thumbs up or thumbs down. Why? Netflix says you get more ratings with fewer decision points.

Vocal Netflix customers seem to be giving that decision a hearty thumbs down. But participation rates doubled to 40% in tests, so the decision will probably stick.

What’s the average rating online reviewers give to local businesses? Amazingly, some 46% of Yelp reviews, Fowler says, give local businesses five stars. Who would have thunk it? We’re just too nice online. But you couldn’t prove that by the venom you see on most website comment sections.

Philly Fun Fact

William Penn’s original city of Philadelphia was just two square miles in size. Two miles wide by one mile long, it ran from the Delaware to the Schuylkill River, and from what is now Vine Street to South Street.

Photo Credit:

“Tote Board” flickr photo by tedkerwin  shared under a Creative Commons


Jim Murphy is a direct marketing copywriter who has run his own consulting business since 2004. For nine years, he wrote and edited “Choices,” an award-winning credit union magazine with a circulation of 80,000. He also is a certified member of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides.

Any comments made are Jim’s opinion, and not necessarily those of the Old Pine Community Center.





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